Welcome to our North American Velo-Venture!

From 18th August to October, we are cycling from Vancouver to San Diego -about 2000 miles all in all. It’s going to be a great adventure but to be honest, our legs are hurting just thinking about it!

At the same time, we want to raise awareness of Capstone Projects, a Scottish based charity, and help them with funding for a new Childrens’ Home in Lugazi, Uganda.

It’s a project very close to our hearts, click through on this link to view the blog from our trip there last year…

Our idea with this website is to help share our journey with friends, family and any interested others. Mostly via photos and the occasional brief post.

See the ‘About’ section for background info¬†and ‘Posts’ for¬†updates (on some devices this hides under the ‘Menu’ tab).

Please don’t forget to visit our JustGiving page.


You can also contact us using Facebook.


Gordon &Raz


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